About Us

VideoReady was started in 2004 by Kurt I. Gronbech under the name of Legio Media as a DRM service for audio and video, based on Windows Media Rights Manager. In July 2009 the service was re-launched and re-branded as VideoReady as a more general and complete online video platform based on state-of-the-art Silverlight technology.

With VideoReady we have now positioned ourselves to be a strong provider of online video services in years to come.

VideoReady is a service owned and operated by Legio Media AS, a privately owned company located in Trondheim, Norway.


As we are still very small, we will strive to outperform our competitors by offering slick and powerful solutions that will push the bleeding edge in online video.

Our goal is as simple as it is daunting: to create the world's best value online video platform.

To reach our goal, we are dependent upon feedback from you, and will do our utmost to cater for all your needs and listen to your suggestions at all times.

We'd like to thank you for choosing us and look forward to an interesting future!

- The VideoReady Team